We're looking for a great Community & Social Media Manager based in Los Angeles.
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Unrtd.co is a startup platform based in Los Angeles that looks at all the unexpected elements that make up contemporary and street culture, from undiscovered talents to inspirational legends. We don't limit ourselves in what we discover that drives creative culture forward.

We're looking for a dedicated Community & Social Media manager that has vast experience in community management and social strategy. This includes round-the-clock overseeing of Unrtd.co's social accounts, visualize and initiate social strategies to help grow branding, manage digital trends, tailor content for specific campaigns, and coordinate closely with the editorial team for all of the above. 

• Bachelor’s degree in relevant field
• 1-2 years experience in journalism, social media and/or marketing 
• Well versed in Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and most major social media platforms
• An ambitious and quick learner, able to work independently, and is capable of handling the pressures of a fast-increasing level of responsibility.
• Visual media experience a plus (photography or videography) 
• Intermediate or better Photoshop skills
• Hands-on experience using and acting on data collected from key analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics, Facebook Insights and others
• A level of initiative in implementing and optimizing a social media strategy with success
• Ability to present in-depth, social strategies and business results

• Oversee all social accounts around the clock
• Strategize all digital content to maximize click-through and engagement rates 
• Pitch feature ideas to editorial staff
• Coordinate responsive advertising spends on Facebook posts; identify prime posts to boost 
• Coordinate the creation of platform-specific content with our production teams, including text, photo, video, and interactive content
• Identify the most compelling visuals to accompany content, and package those for effective sharing
• Develop measurement framework and establish KPIs that link to brand and business objectives
• Use metrics to optimize and drive continuous improvement in our social efforts
• Experiment with new and alternative ways to leverage social media activities
• Be flexible to manage other assignments as they come up
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